30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 2

                                                                     Day 2:                  
    Which Asian Dramas Are You Currently Watching?


Currently I am watching my first Japanese drama called Last Cinderella.  I've made it past the halfway stage and am still enjoying it. The lead heroine Sakura is a almost 40-year old woman who wants to find love but is also afraid of it. She then ends up falling for a much younger guy who might not be all that he seems. I just love this character. She's brassy, loud, sloppy, and has absolutely not filter. Sakura has the biggest heart, though there are times in the drama where she lets things pass - which usually resorts to me yelling at her through the screen, but in the end she knows whats best. Every single time she does something whether its yelling at her frenemy Rintaro or bonding with her girlfriends, I can't help but smile. Underneath that tough girl act she puts on is an vulnerable woman who honestly just wants to be loved. I love the way her character's written so far. I like how she's not the girly girl type and when she's with Hiroto, she never strays from her true sloppy self! Kinda reminds me of the Korean drama Scent of a Woman, where both leads fall for the younger guy vs. the "sensible" older one. Sakura reminds me soo much of Kim Sun Ah's character Lee Yeon Jae. Both are fiery woman always letting their temper get the best of them and they are hilarious drunks! I would absolutely recommend this drama to you guys. If not for the eye-candy, definitely for the lead actress.


30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 1

So I was recently inspired by Indigo from Between Wor(L)ds to do this challenge. I've seen them before but didn't think I was experienced enough to actually do one. Then I thought why not, it would spice up this blogs content and I like challenges. Also, this would be a great opportunity to see how much my feelings about previous watched dramas have changed. Enjoy!

                                                                 Day 1:

         When Did You Start Watching Asian Dramas? 

So my journey into the drama world began with the Taiwanese show Autumns Concerto. Already I was a fan of Asian flicks because my childhood was filled watching just about every Jackie Chan film. Ok, not every one but ask me a movie of his, I've probably seen it. My dad is an avid Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan fan, so it was inevitable that I would end up finding my way to dramas. While not a fan of dramas -their too long for him- watching action flicks (particularly Chinese ones) are super fun to watch with him!

So it was actually my mom who first started watching dramas. Through her influence I watched my first one... Autumns Concerto. Though technically speaking, it was Vanness Wu who was the deciding factor! I have loved him since I first saw Star Runner, so imagine my surprise to see him in this drama. It was such a great - not perfect- but good enough drama to leave an lasting impression on me. And to this day it is still my favorite non-Korean drama. Then my mom started watching this drama called IRIS, eventually I became curious enough to join her, in fact the rest of the family did too and we watched the entire show together! The plot was interesting, the acting not bad, add the eye-candy and I was set, though 1 of the 2 negatives was Kim Tae Hee's acting. Funny enough, I didn't realize that Lee Byung Hun was the guy from The Good, The Bad, The Weird until much later on. The thing I hated most was that god-awful, horrible ending. If I went back and watched it now, my views might change some. But for my first Korean drama experience it was wonderful. Little did I know that it was the beginning of my love affair with dramas.

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Song of The Moment~Block B~Be The Light


With a happy heart I can finally say that the boys are back on the K-Pop scene. Though this isn't their single comeback they decided to bestow upon us a pre-release to hold us over until the album comes out. My God was it totally worth the wait! You can tell not just by the appearance of the group but the style of music is something not done by them before. A new sound, new mature look - Zico back with brown hair, this is what we've been waiting for. Me likey! After everything Block B has been through, their finally able to put all that stuff behind them and get back to what they love, that in itself is why I'm ecstatic for this comeback. That scene where the guys unite together and pick up U-Kwon was touching. To me, it was like they were picking up themselves and coming stronger than ever before. Welcome back guys, you were terribly missed.

Be The Light

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Song of The Moment~Wonder Boyz~Tarzan

 Cannot believe I lucked out in discovering this group. They are a great up and coming K-Pop/Hip-Hop group that I wished had wayy more exposure then they do now. This is the latest comeback song Tarzan, which has the funniest chorus line "Like Tarzan make a thrilla in Manila or an Island!" I didn't even hear this until someone mentioned it haha. I've seen both versions of the song but my favorite has to be the dance version. This video has one of the best choreographed dances come out of Kpop this year. Using the Tarzan theme and making it into a graphic novel was genius, love the utilization of the beat with the background singers, it adds this thumping sweet melody to the song. The in sync dancing wasn't the fanciest but it was memorable enough for me to try and replicate the moves myself *snicker*. Overall this is the group to watch out for. Hope you enjoy!


Dance Ver.

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