Song of The Moment~ 2NE1~Crush (Japanese Version)

I have a confession to make. I haven't been looking forward to any new 2NE1 songs since 2011's "I Am The Best" skyrocketed to fame. As the only K-pop girl group that I was really into, lately most of their releases have disappointed me in some capacity. But they have redeemed themselves with their latest release "Crush." Personally I believe that "Crush" should have been their comeback single instead of "Come Back Home." Not only did it deliver better but the way the song is structured it would have been awesome to hear it on SBS Inkigayo. The difference I feel between the Korean versus the Japanese version, is that the latter flows better with the music. It's got the main components that make 2NE1 so great. The catchy chorus to sing along with, the booming bass, the killer verses, I could go on! The fierceness that they are so famous for can be heard once again in the song. It's exactly what I wanted and much, much better then the original release which unfortunately let me down. This is the 2NE1 I've been dying to hear again. I only hope to see more music videos like this in the future.