Model Spotlight: Gemma Ward

Guess who is making a return to the fashion world!!!When I heard news through the grapevine that Gemma Ward is finally coming back I got suuuuuuper excited!! She was the one who first introduced me to this crazy world of fashion some 5 years ago. She has this baby doll face that makes her extremely young in every editorial she does, but still has the talent to use what would seem a crutch to her advantage.She took the modeling world by storm and when she does indeed come back, many including myself, will be celebrating.
  • Australian fashion mode/actress
  • Debuted at Australian Fashion Week in 2003
  • At the peak of career, she retired from the model industry in 2008 

Gemma Ward with cello. “Hot Town.” Ward Joins the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Shot by Mario Testino for US Vogue. May 2005. Classical music is never out of style.
Ward (Australian, 1987-) was discovered in 2002 while accompanying her friends to a modelling competition. Ward said, “I had come straight from my auntie and uncle’s farm, and I was wearing this big gray barn jacket with mud all over it. When the scout came up to me, I said, ‘No, thank you.’ They forged my mum’s signature [for mandatory parental consent], and pushed me in front of the cameras.”

i wonder how she feels about the whole fashion industry… i wish i could talk to her, she seems smart and subtle ♥

Picture Credit~Tumbr, Pennylifeinpics

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