Top 10 Best K-Pop Videos of 2013....So Far

How many great music videos did we see this past year in the world of K-Pop? Alot it seems, some could say a good portion of the videos were better than the songs themselves. But that's another conversation in itself. Today I want to highlight my favorite top 10 videos, whether it be for the choreography, impressive plot lines, or just for being visually stunning. Enjoy!

1. MBLQ~ Smoky Girl
You guys know how much I love this song/video so I won't take the time to reiterate that fact. What I will say though is great job MBLAQ for kicking ass!

2.Seungri~Gotta Talk To U
Dreamy. That's the first word that comes to mind with Seungri's latest single. The boy looks sharp and the song accentuates his vocal skills beautifully.

3. Lee Hyori~ Amor Mio feat. Park Gyong of Honey G
Ahhh, probably my absolute favorite video of Lee Hyori's. It's very simplistic but with such a powerful song it doesn't need a showy music video. Also, Hyori looks absolutely gorgeous!

4. Younha~Run
Love this music video, while it might seem plain, the overall message that the video is conveying is beautiful. The cinematography is excellent! My favorite part is the E.T. lookalike and her flying past the moon in unison.

5. 2PM~ A.D.T.O.Y.
One word...HOT! Never been into their music but man this song has been played on repeat constantly. Their incredible dancers, but Junho is the one that caught my eye. The guy is talented!

7. Lee Hyori~Miss Korea
Lee Hyori really came out with some top notch music videos from her latest comeback. I love how she incorporates social issues in her songs it's nice to see artist come out and acknowledge these things.

8. VIXX~Hyde
Don't really know too much about this group but their choreography was off the chain! They had an awesome concept and all the costumes and effects worked well for them.

9. B.A.P.~Coffee Shop
This would be my first ballad-type BAP song and they did a fantastic job. I loved the scenery shots of the many different sights, it was beautiful. Great song.

10. Junsu~Incredible
What can I say it's so Junsu. From the colorful outfits to the dance, its the quintessential summer song! Wish it got more fanfare though. The best part of the video is that Junsu and his dancers look like their having a blast.


Song of The Moment~ Younha~ The Real Reason Why We Broke Up

The Korean singer Younha recently came into my radar and boy do I wish I had found her sooner. She's a gifted singer in that every song she just shines. I'm becoming a fan the more times I listen to her songs. What stands out the most to me is her youthful, energetic voice. In just a couple of minutes I listened to a few of her older and newer songs and the growth she displays with every album is just amazing. Definitely the poster child for progression with every release.

The Real Reason Why We Broke Up

Even though it is a break up song, it doesn't have that sad,mournful quality to it. I feel the lyrics themselves reflects how a person feels when you've done everything you could to salvage the relationship but recognized how futile it was to reconcile. My favorite part is when the acoustic guitar comes in as that is where the song actually picks up the temp and has an happier sound to it. For instance, in the beginning she was sad about the outcome but towards the middle of the song accepts the outcome and ends up happier. This song really showcases her vocal ability where instead of the music overpowering her, its set as the backup to her voice. I absolutely love the finger-snaps in the background it definitely helps keep the song upbeat.

When the video first starts with just the slow melody playing everyone in the scene is frozen then when the guitar comes in, life returns back to them. What I perceived from the video is how the dancers move and dance around Younha and Park Ki Woong but time and life seem to pass them by. Its like their stuck in this rut and going nowhere. Throughout the video these particular scenes reiterate that while the world is alive, this couple have been dead a long time. It kept eating at me how they would show Park Ki Woong drawing a flower and I wasn't fully getting it but now seems somewhat clear. The drawing is suppose to represent their relationship in progress and then towards the end when he stops and burns the drawing, its a symbol of the relationship being burned. Sad, but a moving video of the reasons why this relationship ended. Hope you guys like the song!



http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5_MNvnskEqA/UZxQzGa0-NI/AAAAAAAACRw/dOCXZ2QESps/s1600/MONOCHROME-01.jpgLee Hyori to me is one of Korea's most beautiful woman in the entertainment business. Not only is she a pretty face but also a wonderful singer who I recently discovered. Her new single "Bad Girls" put her in my path as one day being bored, surfed on AllKPop, saw the video for the song and thought "Why not"? For some reason this season, the theme of "bad girls" has been going around first with Lee Hyori's song, CL's "The Baddest Female", then Bumkey's "(Crazy Love) Bad Girl." All in a span of a couple weeks. Tis the season to be a bad girl it seems.

Bad Girls

Personally, I think we all have a little of that "bad girl" image in us,  the kind where your the "cool" bad girl who strives to be different by not caring what people think and have a mind of your own. I believe you can look at the term "bad girl" and flip it to have two taboo meanings. The "good" bad girl or the one who acts the stereotypical bad girl who flaunts her promiscuity around and likes to party. This entire album has such an easy listen feel to it. Every song flows beautifully together, which doesn't happen often with artist and the order they place the songs, but for the album it works wonderfully. I absolutely love the concept behind the album, strong woman empowering messages and this retro/bluesy/pop sound which fused together creates one awesome record. I won't go through each song but I will highlight the ones that stood out to me the most. Already got "Bad Girls" out of the way so moving on to "Miss Korea".

Miss Korea
This song comes at a perfect time in today's society as the world's beauty standards seem to have evolved even more. Everywhere I go whether it's surfing around on tumblr or facebook girls these days have become so obsessed with wanting to look like someone else and being jealous of what they naturally have. Which saddens me because we've all been there-including myself where you tend to compare yourself to ever single pretty girl out there, but you've got to learn to look in the mirror and love what makes you so special. Now on to this great and powerful song! To me this song is saying that you shouldn't conform to what everyone around you is trying to look like. You are beautiful, you are the one standing on the podium after they proclaim you "Miss Korea". It's a beautiful message to give to young girls telling them that they are beautiful. There's a part in the song where she talks about having something materialistic like a stylists to make them "shine" and have the world notice them. She then moves on to say that she doesn't want to cry over something that's a "springtime illusion." Very moving lyrics to a song that at first glance doesn't seem like much but if you look under the surface it hits right at home.

Fan or not of Lee Hyori, you've got to check out the rest of the album, trust me its worth the listen.

Photo Credit~KPopHunt, Popdust