Song of The Moment~Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST~Wake Up

This song.....I have no words for it.....

Every single time I hear that beginning melody start to play, my thoughts immediately go to the gang. I miss them dearly and so thus I listen to "Wake Up" over and over again to reminiscence in those sweet memories of friendship, love, loyalty, and family. This particular song is my absolute favorite from the drama, I'm always playing it and it gives me those warm, cozy feelings. I'm still in the midst of writing my review for Shut Up Flower Boy Band so I can't promise I'll have it soon, since school just started back up again. But I WILL have it done. I promise.


  1. I so love this song. My only complaint is the song itself is a little too repetitive, and has basically only 2 parts to it, but I think it worked that way as a drama OST song that is meant to be played all throughout the drama in short bursts. It's a moot issue anyways though, because the nostalgia I get when this song shuffles through my playlist is awesome!

  2. Yes your right on the ball. Glad to see another fan of this awesome show. :)

  3. I swear this drama is the death of me it still makes me cry just thinking about it XD I think I might like Jaywalking a tiny bit better but Wake Up is awesome nonetheless;)
    Sung Joon should totally pursue a musical career when he is not acting:)

    1. Yes he should! He's got an amazing voice. Have you heard about his newest drama "I Need Romance 3" that's to premiere on the 13th? I believe he's playing a musician again, can't wait for that!


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