30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 9

     Your Least Favorite Male Character In An Asian Drama
Man oh man do I have things to say about this man but I'm choosing to go easy for this challenge as I will be doing a review for this drama later on.


30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 7

Day 7:
Do You Watch Asian Dramas for Their Storyline, Genre or Actors/Actresses?

When I first got into Asian dramas I would just stick to dramas that included the actors/actresses that were familiar to me. Then based on preferences from my mom or just reading recaps from other bloggers I would chose what to watch. Now I mainly watch for the story lines only. Genres alot of the times can be hit or miss so I never watch anything because its a romantic drama/comedy - which are my faves.  I usually find the sageuks long and boring, but some were really interesting like Rooftop Prince which started during the Joseon period but was fused with modern time or even Princess Man which completely changed my view on sageuks indefinitely. 

I like to think after almost 2 years of watching Asian dramas, though I am nowhere near the record of many other bloggers, I know what types of dramas to watch and what to stay away from. Luckily enough, I haven't watched any truly horrible dramas, some might have started out great and ended on a bad note- Protect the Boss is one that comes to mind- but otherwise they were good.

Blogs I Do Adore~Style2bones

At last Part 3 of my series is here!! I didn't realize how popular it would be so thanks to everyone for inspiring me to keep posting them. This was suppose to be a post about different bloggers but I realized squeezing more in would be unfair. So in today's spotlight is a fashion blogger called Dominique of style2bones.



Lee Hyori & SPICA~

I absolutely love this photo shoot with these girls. Its a mix of fun and edgy put together. The energy is off the charts and Lee Hyori and SPICA look amazing in their different outfits for 1st Look. Spica is one of my new "it" girl groups at the moment. So to see them get to shine along with Lee Hyori was just plain awesome.
1st Look / Aug 2013

Song of The Moment~Miss A~Hush


Wow. Two JYP songs of 2013 that I actually liked, this is a record for me. Miss A has always been that girl group that while I knew they existed and listened to a couple of their songs, didn't really give much attention to them. With "Hush" they popped up on my radar again.

This song is very addictive. At first, I thought it was pretty mediocre but after finding myself humming the tune throughout the day I realized how good it really is. The buildup is slow which is probably why I wasn't so into it, but its definitely worth the wait. The girls are really talented and I like how each member has her own well deserved spotlight during the video. They are fierce and sexy all at the same time and never once overdo it. The choreograph was simple but had a Miss A stamp on it. From watching their previous works, they never go too hard with their dances but just add enough sultriness to make it worthwhile. Cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future. Enjoy!

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 6

                                                           Day 6:
                      Favorite Asian Drama OST

Yayy for the return of easier posts. I'm extremely sorry it is taking me soo long to do all of these but real life is getting in the way. Now, I'm taking this to mean whole soundtrack of dramas or single songs right? Idk but I feel that I've broken alot of rules already, whats one more. :)
                                                             Hearstrings OST
This has got to be one of my favorite albums to listen from a drama. I had most if not all the songs on my ipod playing on repeat constantly. Heartstrings might not have lived up to all its hype but the music made up for it.


Soo Joo Park~Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Vogue Korea, W Korea, and Harper's Bazaar

I love looking at beautiful photo shoots or pictorials of famous celebrities, models etc. Soo Joo Park in particular is my absolute favorite model. I'm obsessed with looking at different photos of her, she's got this unique look about her that just draws me in. So I decided to do a post just about her. Enjoy!
Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/ Aug 13

Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/ Aug 13
Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/ Aug 13
Harper’s Bazaar Singapore/ Aug 13
Vogue Korea/ June 2013
Vogue Korea/ June 2013
Vogue Korea/ June 2013
W Korea/ May 13
W Korea/ May 13
Soo Joo | Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 (Photography: Miguel Reveriego)
Harper’s Bazaar/ Sept 2013
Soo Joo | Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 (Photography: Miguel Reveriego)
Harper’s Bazaar/ Sept 2013
Soo Joo | Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 (Photography: Miguel Reveriego)
Harper’s Bazaar/ Sept 2013
Harper’s Bazaar/ Sept 2013

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 5

                                                                                    Day 5:                        
                            WHICH ASIAN DRAMA MADE YOU CRY?

This one was a tough one to write about. I'm not the type who usually gets weepy over anyone or anything - except animals and other cute things- but this particular dramas sapped the life out of me.  Alot of dramas that have a sad essence to them won't make me cry, it usually takes a special kind of drama/character to make it happen for me.


Mini Review~I Hear Your Voice

With the list of dramas previously watched there are plenty I would have loved to write full reviews on but that would take too much time. So I decided to start a segment on those dramas that didn't quite make the cute for full review. Enjoy.

 I Hear Your Voice

 Every time I think of this drama I get those warm fuzzies. How could it be possible for a drama to entertain us and at the same time speak to our hearts? Every moment was poignant and I give credit to the writer(s) in making these characters so realistic because that is what really made this drama. Also the other strength of this drama relied on the relationships between each character.


Song of The Moment~Seungri~Gotta Talk To You

 This is an extremely late review on this comeback song from Seungri. I actually forgot about it, amidst all the other things on my list to write about. Well Baby Panda is back and I for one was extremely proud of his latest album. There was obvious maturity not only in the music but his voice also. It seems that he became more aware of what his voice and do and the type of music that will suit it. "Gotta Talk To You" is one of my favorite songs of the Fall/Winter releases. It felt like we had a slump there for awhile and then BOOM great, though-provoking music was released. I love the smooth mid-tempo beat of the song, perfectly accented his voice/music style and its just super awesome. And that ending is right on point!! It fits Seungri soo well. Had me jumping off my feet wishing that it would last just a tinsy bit longer. Great song and video!

Gotta Talk To You