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Hi! My name is Tiffany but friends call me Tiff or Love Bug, whichever you prefer is fine with me :))

My love for Korean dramas first stems from my mother getting me to watch "Iris" with her one day and then getting addicted to said drama. So much that my entire family (all 5 of us) couldn't wait till dinner was over to watch the next episodes, needless to say we were pretty smitten. Thus began my love and obsession with dramas.

Almost a year later, I realized how much loved not only viewing them but commenting also. My family (God bless them) weren't the right audience for me to spew my joy or hatred for a particular drama, so I figured starting a blog would be the best choice. As I have now celebrated LBO's first blogiversary, I can look back fondly on the many firsts and challenges I've encountered on here. 

My biggest wish for this blog, is to create a place where I can share my honest thoughts on dramas and K-Pop, and through this can grow as a better writer and viewer.
So here are 11 things you don't know about me. I might add some more fun facts later if I can think of anymore.

1. I love, love, love animals. I once told my parents that I wanted to adopt a lion, zebra, monkey, pet pig, tiger, elephant, sheep and plenty more and have a animal farm. Sadly they told me no, but I did get a dog.

2. I'm originally born and partially raised in the Northeastern part of my country but since the age of 12 I've been in the South. Sad to say, but I couldn't survive having 4 seasons again, my skin is too used to the warmer climate.

3. I once aspired to be a Fashion Designer. I had the college part planned out, even had my own fashion line, and then one day I woke up and didn't want to do that anymore.

4. I'm extremely indecisive, it takes me ages to figure out what I truly want. And here I thought that would change with age.

5. I am part French. My mother was born in France but raised in Belgium. She tried to teach me French and to this day I can hear & listen better than speak the language. She on the other hand can pretty much master any language she tries, while I'm a little slower on that front but can pick up things pretty quickly.

6. I'm a young 20-something and yet get told many times how young I look for my age, still to this day people ask me how am I driving!? I never get that one.

7. After blogging for a year, I realized I wanted to make writing Asian Entertainment content my career along with travel writing. So all my guidance counselors were partially right when they said I would find my career in college!

8. I am a middle child. Yay!

9. For some odd reason, mostly every K-Pop idol I thought wasn't so attractive at first becomes more appealing after watching them onstage. I cannot figure it out, I'm just going to assume its because of their charisma!

10. Heard about Rain through a entertainment magazine then looked him up on the internet. I realized he was a superstar in another country and forgot all about him. Years later, I consider myself a fan of his work and now understand why he's so popular.

11. I'm a huge fan of these groups Block B, UKiss, BTS, and Nell. But particularly hold a special place in my heart for Block B & UKiss. They are one of the coolest people ever and always seem to stay so humble regardless of all they have accomplished.

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