Fashion Haul~Forever 21

Hey guys,
So this will be my first fashion haul ever on here! It felt like forever for the clothes to come to my doorstep but their here now ;) hope you guys enjoy.

Forever 21 Haul:
I purchased 5 items from Forever 21 to include 2 dresses, 1 skirt, a everyday basic tee and my personal fave a sheer pink blouse. I've been looking for simply but key pieces to wear with dresses and skirts to make the outfit look not so blah.

 Here is the first item a leopard print dress. I love because not only is it leopard - a style I've never worn, but the back has this criss-crossed design with the straps that just makes the dress even cuter.

Isn't the back just gorgeous! Now for the actual material of the dress, it's this fine but cheaply made material made from polyester. I can't complain because it's so comfortable to wear.

This dress is probably my fave of the bunch because it is my first floral dress ever. The thought of printed floral dresses/skirts ever being hip never came to mind but now look how its exploded everywhere. All the dress needs is biker boots, leather jacket and a fedora hat to complete it.
The material is made out of polyester as well it feels and looks great. You can do soo many things to customize this dress to your own personal style.
I bought the cute pink striped shirt to accessorize with my wardrobe and bring some more color to it.
The fabric is this mesh-ish type so suitable for the spring and summer and very light.

Next I bought your basic black tee just because I needed a new one. And who doesn't love the basic stuff.

Also got this tie-dye skirt which looks red in the picture but is actually this light orange hue. At first, I wasn't so sure it would look as good as what the reviews said, though a different look from my usual wardrobe choice, I like it. Have no clue what to pair this with, so if anyone has any ideas on what look will go best with it please feel free to comment below.


  1. I LOVE Forever 21! You got some nice things :) x

  2. Thanks and its my ultimate go to store for fashionable and cheap clothes!


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