The Liebster Award~Round 2!

Imagine my surprise when a blogger messaged me saying I had been nominated for my second Liebster Award!! And only a month after receiving my very first one. I really enjoyed the questions for this round, and had a blast reliving past watched dramas. I would like to thank Avocado from Counting Out Heartbreaks for the unexpected nomination, that was very sweet of you. Here are her questions for me.

The Questions:
1. If you were put under a spell and trapped in a drama as the second lead, would you give up on your love or fight for it and why?
I would fight for my love because I wouldn't want to live with the "What Ifs" in my life. What if that person was my one and only and I didn't take the chance and fight for what could be mine? That's just something that would be in my mind.

2. Was there ever a drama in which you shipped the two second leads?  If yes, what was it?

Hmm that would be Eun Shi Kyung & Lee Jae Shin from King 2 Hearts. One of the best almost-couples to appear in a drama I've watched. There is just something that makes them seem so relate able, they support each other and he's her man in shinning armor :)

3. Was there a side character whom you became attached to almost as much as or more than the main leads in a drama?
I've got 3 words for you.......Eun Shi Kyung. Only drama where I've fallen for the side character more so than the lead, and not because they were horrible but because Eun Shi Kyung was such a well acted out character. Jo Jung Suk did an phenomenal job of bringing to a life a reasonable boring character that I believe if anyone else had the role could not have done it justice.

4. Was there a drama that made an impact on your life in a big way? If so, which one and why?
What's Up would be the drama that comes to mind. After seeing how passionate the people were it made me yearn to feel that same passion for my own dreams and to be confident in what I wanted to do in my life. It's still a work in progress, but I'm even more confident I'm working towards my dreams now.

5. What is your all-time favorite drama character?  Would you want to be his/her friend in real life?
If not for question #3 I would have said Eun Shi Kyung! Hmm, this is a hard question but I'd choose Lee Yeon Jae (Scent of a Woman) and Oh Do Rim (What's Up). LYJ because she took that phrase "When life gives you lemons....." and turned her life upside down. She discovered new things, gained new hobbies, and found the love of her life, all because she decided one day that she wasn't gonna let the fear of dying keep her from living the rest of her life.

ODR - she's also another strong character who said what was on her mind, the best type of friend as she was loyal to a fault and would do anything to protect those she loved. I would be friends with each of these woman as both would teach me something to learn about life.

6. Did you fall in love with drama slowly or did you suddenly realize you were addicted?
It depends on the drama I'm watching. Some like Gaksital I can get addicted to right away and others like Queen of Reversals can take some time. Just like I said, it solely depends on the drama plus the pace or writing of it.

7. What keeps you blogging?
That is a question I ask myself alot and the answer is............me. That might sound weird but I got into this because of my rampant thoughts that wouldn't quit and I needed something to purge myself of them. The day blogging starts to feel like a chore and/or I've lost all feelings for Korean entertainment will be the time for me to move on. But don't worry folks, I don't believe that will happen for a long time.

8. What food have you never eaten but most want to try?
Indian food. I've only tried curry but never anything else from that culture.

9. What kdrama character have you most wanted to strangle?

Ah the easiest one to answer, that would be Ah Do Hoon. Spineless, narcissistic, animal of a human being. The one character I've truly hated, though I've disliked many in the past, I've never come close to hating them as with him. 

10. Is there a drama you wish you had never watched?  If so, which one and why?
Playful Kiss. I know other people have watched and loved it but I couldn't stomach it. Kim Hyun Joong was too passive as an actor and the lead girl annoyed me. I even skipped to the married parts to see if it had gotten any better but alas it hadn't.

Well this is the end, again thank you Avocado for the nomination. You're such a sweetheart! It's nice to sit back and try to come up with the answers to these wonderful questions. Since I've already done this before I won't nominate anyone but instead will recommend some great Korean drama bloggers for you guys to check out.








Song of The Moment~BTS~Boy In Luv

BTS have had such a great year - can we even still call them rookies? While still young, and relatively new to K-Pop they show more maturity than others their own age. Each single they have come out with fully embraces their growth and I'm super proud of them. In some instances they remind me of my other fave group, Block B, in that they have similar styles of writing confessional lyrics. I love K-Pop don't get me wrong, but I love it more when the artists write about the world they live in opposed to hiding or not acknowledging it. But let me get off my soap box and talk about the song.

Just like the title suggests, the song is about a guy whose in love with a girl - pretty simple stuff - but what makes this song so great is how they express their love. The song is full of longing for that one person, every thought, every emotion, is on full display for us to see. I like that it's so plainly stated who and what they want, no tricks or games, just like telling it like it is. The vulnerability of the song is another key thing I love about it. It reminds me of those times when I was interested in that special someone and that longing to be with them. Though they may be young, they have the talent of exposing their feelings through clear cut lyrics and letting the audience see their heart. That's the thing I like most about BTS, they don't hold anything back and allow the world to see who they are and what they represent.

Besides the lyrics, I'm loving the rock vibe of the song. At first, I thought it would be cutesy - how could I ever doubt them - but thank God it wasn't anything of the kind. It was a total BTS-esque sound. The guitar and drums together in the chorus were awesome, I'm a big rock fan so seeing that kind of music integrated into K-Pop is heaven on earth for me.

Now if only Block B would come out with a new single soon, my life will be complete.

Boy In Luv


First Impressions~ I Need Romance 3

[ I am currently up to date with the show but since I was busy with RL, couldn't finish it in time which is why this is still a First Impression post.]

I adore this show. Never having seen the previous dramas in the series I had no preconceived notions about I Need Romance 3. The only thing I hoped for was that it would be a steady and consistent drama from start to end, and that Sung Joon & Kim So Yeon will get to shine like never before - that part was the fangirl in me. The cinematography and music are perfect. They picked the right music to fit the mood and I LOVE the ost that's played throughout the show. It sets the tone for the drama and is perfecto.


Song of The Moment~Kiss&Cry~Domino Game

I gotta say this song pushed me out of my temporary bloggers slump. Once I listened to the song, it had to be part of Song of The Moment for this week. It's funky,upbeat and such a happy song. First off, I rarely if EVER like a rookie group's debut song, but this song is soo refreshing to hear. Quite frankly I've been tired of the sexy concept that's been going on for awhile within the girl groups and wanted something new and fresh. Thank God for Kiss&Cry to debut around the time that I was almost going to give up on girl groups. Each member has their own individual voice so it wasn't hard to pinpoint who was who. Dia is the one member who stood out the most because she doesn't have the aesthetic looks popular in the girl groups....and I love it! I can only hope she never changes her look to fit in. She's a phenomenal singer who did a cover of "Let It Go." Yes I know it seems every popular Korean-Pop singer has covered that song but I put her version up there with Ailee's and Hyorin's. I'm sure as they get more songs under their belts, I can do a feature piece on them but so far I'm quite proud of this group and can't wait to see what happens next.

Domino Game


Life Update

I know I haven't posted in some weeks,  and its mainly because of a combination of school and bloggers slump. Not only am I taking about 16 credit hours but I'm also taking Korean Lessons on the weekends, so as you can guess I don't feel like being productive blog-wise. So far I'm able to read Hangul and get super excited when I can figure out the letters on various K-Pop music videos or K-Dramas but I just don't know what they mean yet! It's all a work in progress but so far I really enjoy my lessons. But I will try my very best to give you guys something once a week. And I know I promised I would have the Shut Up Flower Boy Band review done by now but unfortunately its still in the process, so you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. Much appreciated guys!