Song of The Moment~ Taeyang~ Eyes, Nose, Lips

Finally he is back with a fabulous ballad!! I've missed listening to Taeyang's ballads like "Wedding Dress" as those were the songs that drew him to me the most. While "Ringa Linga" was great I was awaiting this comeback just to see what else he had made while on hiatus and "Eyes, Nose, Lips" did not disappoint. It's the perfect break-up song showcasing Taeyang's vulnerable side and the lyrics are raw and moving. The bouts of symbolism splattered in the song, like the burning picture of the ex-girlfriend, were a pretty fitting tie-in with the words.
"But like a burnt out flame,
  Burnt and destroyed
  All of our love
  It hurts so much, but now I’ll call you a memory."
The chorus is my favorite part, taking the simplest features of a person, to paint us a picture of his heartbreak. I'd say that's pretty ingenious.
"Your eyes, nose, lips
 Your touch that used to touch me,
  to the ends of your fingertips.
  I can still feel you."
This was a very serious relationship that clearly Taeyang wasn't ready to let go of and I am really glad he used the loss of that to write such a beautiful song.

Vocal-wise, I feel this is the best song Taeyang has ever sung. His voice captures all the right emotions and that smooth falsetto he does at the end of the chorus is perfect.

Eyes, Nose, Lips