Song of The Moment~BTS~Boy In Luv

BTS have had such a great year - can we even still call them rookies? While still young, and relatively new to K-Pop they show more maturity than others their own age. Each single they have come out with fully embraces their growth and I'm super proud of them. In some instances they remind me of my other fave group, Block B, in that they have similar styles of writing confessional lyrics. I love K-Pop don't get me wrong, but I love it more when the artists write about the world they live in opposed to hiding or not acknowledging it. But let me get off my soap box and talk about the song.

Just like the title suggests, the song is about a guy whose in love with a girl - pretty simple stuff - but what makes this song so great is how they express their love. The song is full of longing for that one person, every thought, every emotion, is on full display for us to see. I like that it's so plainly stated who and what they want, no tricks or games, just like telling it like it is. The vulnerability of the song is another key thing I love about it. It reminds me of those times when I was interested in that special someone and that longing to be with them. Though they may be young, they have the talent of exposing their feelings through clear cut lyrics and letting the audience see their heart. That's the thing I like most about BTS, they don't hold anything back and allow the world to see who they are and what they represent.

Besides the lyrics, I'm loving the rock vibe of the song. At first, I thought it would be cutesy - how could I ever doubt them - but thank God it wasn't anything of the kind. It was a total BTS-esque sound. The guitar and drums together in the chorus were awesome, I'm a big rock fan so seeing that kind of music integrated into K-Pop is heaven on earth for me.

Now if only Block B would come out with a new single soon, my life will be complete.

Boy In Luv


  1. BTS never fails to disappoint, I can only see good thing happening to them in the future if they keep up with producing quality tracks. :D The song is worthy to replay over and over again and I'm really impressed at how they keep improving after each comeback. <3 P.S.: I would cry out of happiness if there would be a BTS + Block B interaction. ;___;

    1. Hehe you and me both! I don't care if its for a song, Running Man or whatever other project you can think of, just the two groups in one room would be priceless..


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