Life Update

I know I haven't posted in some weeks,  and its mainly because of a combination of school and bloggers slump. Not only am I taking about 16 credit hours but I'm also taking Korean Lessons on the weekends, so as you can guess I don't feel like being productive blog-wise. So far I'm able to read Hangul and get super excited when I can figure out the letters on various K-Pop music videos or K-Dramas but I just don't know what they mean yet! It's all a work in progress but so far I really enjoy my lessons. But I will try my very best to give you guys something once a week. And I know I promised I would have the Shut Up Flower Boy Band review done by now but unfortunately its still in the process, so you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. Much appreciated guys!


  1. Have fun learning Korean! I've also got the Hangul mastered, and can read all the basic phrases and words I've learned. which.. is not much.. but at least it's enough to read names on incoming cell phone calls in Kdramas when subs refuse to translate them. :)

    1. Haha that is awesome to hear! I have a vocab test for this week and its about the basic words, like I said it's challenging but I enjoy it. I feel really special when I can recognize things I couldn't before :)


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