Song of The Moment~ Younha~ The Real Reason Why We Broke Up

The Korean singer Younha recently came into my radar and boy do I wish I had found her sooner. She's a gifted singer in that every song she just shines. I'm becoming a fan the more times I listen to her songs. What stands out the most to me is her youthful, energetic voice. In just a couple of minutes I listened to a few of her older and newer songs and the growth she displays with every album is just amazing. Definitely the poster child for progression with every release.

The Real Reason Why We Broke Up

Even though it is a break up song, it doesn't have that sad,mournful quality to it. I feel the lyrics themselves reflects how a person feels when you've done everything you could to salvage the relationship but recognized how futile it was to reconcile. My favorite part is when the acoustic guitar comes in as that is where the song actually picks up the temp and has an happier sound to it. For instance, in the beginning she was sad about the outcome but towards the middle of the song accepts the outcome and ends up happier. This song really showcases her vocal ability where instead of the music overpowering her, its set as the backup to her voice. I absolutely love the finger-snaps in the background it definitely helps keep the song upbeat.

When the video first starts with just the slow melody playing everyone in the scene is frozen then when the guitar comes in, life returns back to them. What I perceived from the video is how the dancers move and dance around Younha and Park Ki Woong but time and life seem to pass them by. Its like their stuck in this rut and going nowhere. Throughout the video these particular scenes reiterate that while the world is alive, this couple have been dead a long time. It kept eating at me how they would show Park Ki Woong drawing a flower and I wasn't fully getting it but now seems somewhat clear. The drawing is suppose to represent their relationship in progress and then towards the end when he stops and burns the drawing, its a symbol of the relationship being burned. Sad, but a moving video of the reasons why this relationship ended. Hope you guys like the song!

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