Blogs I Do Adore Part 2

Soo since alot of you seem to like my series on bloggers I read, I decided to turn it into a monthly exhibit!! I hope you will all enjoy the next installments. Next up is..

Adele Maree who happens to live in one of the coolest places on earth..Australia!! One day my wish is to go there and walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is super cool looking! Anyways, Adele is not only gorgeous but she has a good eye for fashion. Everything she wears seems to fit her personality.

  I absolutely love her hair color! Natural red head or not it really works for her. My favorite hair colors are anything with red tones and black/brown hair, okay that was three actually! Haha! Not only does she blog about her OTD, Adele talks about food, exercise regiments and everyday life. Whether it be for a girl's night out or just an everyday look, Adele has the looks down packed.

All her outfits are adorable but this heart-dress is possible my favorite one! It might look plain on the front but once you turn around BAM cute heart-shaped back view! You guys should check her out!

Have you ever just been bored online and surfing around and happened to come across one site, that took you to another one!? Well that is how I found The Dollhouse.
 I really like this blogger. I started reading her personal blog on Tumblr here and she's so fascinating! Izumi says what she thinks and could care less how anyone perceives her. Hilarious sense of humor and a lil crazy but not too crazy!! She has the cutest style a little bit girly with hints of vintage thrown in . Usually I'm not a vintage-type of person but I like the way she coordinates with it,

Her style is quirky but honest. I literally spend hours fangirling her outfit posts.

 I've been wanting to buy some galaxy tights for the longest but many things have stopped me, one being I am broke :/ I wish I didn't love clothes so much...She doesn't seem afraid to try new things out either. Gotta respect an fashion blogger who has their own style and doesn't try to copy others.

 Photo Credits~ Adele Maree & The Dollhouse

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