Song of The Moment~ Vixx~Voodoo Doll

I gotta say I've been quietly watching Vixx do their thing over the past few months and I am thoroughly impressed.  They do dark and creepy very well. Their consistency in every video that comes out always has a great theme and dance routine to it like "Hyde" for instance was also another one. I'm not very familiar with all the members yet but the one with the creepy eyes in the video really did a great job, he should consider trying out some acting projects. While the song isn't the best I've heard, its still got some cool elements in it, like in the pre-chorus right before the stabbing part. I just love the way the music starts to rise there. Really gives it an epic feel. Another thing I like is the "Ooooh" part during the song. In the midst of such a chaotic presence in the song, the ooohs bring some much needed relief. The dance is the best part about "Voodoo Doll" it goes along great with the lyrics and just adds more to the song. I really like the guy whose always in the front - he's usually doing the stabbing - not only is he great eye candy but the dude can dance! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I can't wait to see what concept they will tackle next. Enjoy.

Voodoo Doll

I also included their dance practice video because its better to see the whole entire choreography.

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