Top 10 Best K-Pop Videos of 2013....So Far

How many great music videos did we see this past year in the world of K-Pop? Alot it seems, some could say a good portion of the videos were better than the songs themselves. But that's another conversation in itself. Today I want to highlight my favorite top 10 videos, whether it be for the choreography, impressive plot lines, or just for being visually stunning. Enjoy!

1. MBLQ~ Smoky Girl
You guys know how much I love this song/video so I won't take the time to reiterate that fact. What I will say though is great job MBLAQ for kicking ass!

2.Seungri~Gotta Talk To U
Dreamy. That's the first word that comes to mind with Seungri's latest single. The boy looks sharp and the song accentuates his vocal skills beautifully.

3. Lee Hyori~ Amor Mio feat. Park Gyong of Honey G
Ahhh, probably my absolute favorite video of Lee Hyori's. It's very simplistic but with such a powerful song it doesn't need a showy music video. Also, Hyori looks absolutely gorgeous!

4. Younha~Run
Love this music video, while it might seem plain, the overall message that the video is conveying is beautiful. The cinematography is excellent! My favorite part is the E.T. lookalike and her flying past the moon in unison.

5. 2PM~ A.D.T.O.Y.
One word...HOT! Never been into their music but man this song has been played on repeat constantly. Their incredible dancers, but Junho is the one that caught my eye. The guy is talented!

7. Lee Hyori~Miss Korea
Lee Hyori really came out with some top notch music videos from her latest comeback. I love how she incorporates social issues in her songs it's nice to see artist come out and acknowledge these things.

8. VIXX~Hyde
Don't really know too much about this group but their choreography was off the chain! They had an awesome concept and all the costumes and effects worked well for them.

9. B.A.P.~Coffee Shop
This would be my first ballad-type BAP song and they did a fantastic job. I loved the scenery shots of the many different sights, it was beautiful. Great song.

10. Junsu~Incredible
What can I say it's so Junsu. From the colorful outfits to the dance, its the quintessential summer song! Wish it got more fanfare though. The best part of the video is that Junsu and his dancers look like their having a blast.


  1. It saddens me that Amor Mio doesn't get nearly the same of attention as the rest of Lee Hyori's new MVs this year. It's one of the highlights of that whole album (which.. I bought, hehe).. xD

    1. I know its so underrated. Personally I think its better than the other MVs just because it didn't need a theme to carry the video. All it had was Lee Hyori, her partner, and a piano. Music at its finest!


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