Where Have I Been?

Hello fellow readers,
If you have noticed (or haven't been paying attention) how sparse this blog has been since oh I don't know...4 months ago well I'm about to tell you the reason. First off, I moved and transferred to a school over 4,000 miles away from home and took the time away from the blog to get settled into another school year. Because of the move, school and lack of interest in blogging, I decided to put it on hold hoping a nice break would end my writers block. Well here we are 4 months later and I still have writers block! While I have not been blogging about dramas that doesn't mean I've stopped watching any. In fact I've watched a couple that aired this year and boy were there alot of disappointments. Most of the popular dramas I skipped and only read the reviews which turned out to be a great idea judging from the majority. So I'm gonna do a quick drama review for each one that I watched. Some dramas that I watched this year were already reviewed so they won't be on here.

Doctor Stranger: 7.5/10
What a great drama that wasted its potential mid-way through the series. DS suffered from not knowing what direction or genre it wanted to be.This has to be Lee Jung Suk's worst drama and I won't even mention his leading lady.

Bride of the Century 8/10
This was a very cute drama that I wasn't expecting to be so good. It had a nice plot that was different from the usual dramas and it kept me entertained. I've been a fan of Lee Hong Ki since You're Beautiful, and he wowed me once again.  

Marriage Not Dating 8.5/10
I've never watched a drama with any of the leads and so was apprehensive about watching this but once again I was surprised by how well they did. Han Groo just earned herself a new fan. Her comedic timing is on point and she had great chemistry with both leading men.

My Secret Hotel 7/10
After watching Queen In-Hyun's Man, I was looking forward to seeing Yoo In Na take the lead role again but unfortunately this drama suffered mid-way as well. MSH was suppose to deliver suspense and romance but failed heavily in the suspense department. Instead they focused on keeping the lead couple apart most of the drama and with out spoiling anything, the ending wasn't satisfying.

Secret Love Affair 9.5/10
I avoid Yoo Ah In's dramas since he doesn't stand out to me in the acting department but I'm glad I took the chance for this drama. Secret Love Affair was amazing and unfortunately I can do it no justice talking about it. This is a must see drama. The drama is about the love affair between a genius pianist and his teacher, its not just about the affair but how music can connect two souls together in ways most people couldn't understand.

Vampire Flower 7.5/10
Vampire Flower caught my eye because it was getting fanfare on one of the sites I frequented, and since I was looking for something short and sweet it fit the bill. While it didn't have the most amazing plot, the story was cute even though some of the special effects weren't up to usual par. The main lead wasn't too bad as a idol-turned-actor and of course the ever so lovable Kim Ga Eun was such a great fit for this.

You're All Surrounded 8/10
Lee Seung Gi finally returned to dramaland and I can say his chemistry with Cha Seung Won was perfect. They play off of each other very well and so did his co-stars. YAS was a nice drama that stayed consistent throughout.

I Need Romance 3 7/10

Sung Joon!!! Seriously he has one of the best jawbones. I Need Romance 3 was a great disappointment. Again, like alot of dramas lately, it started off well-off but suffered the middle slump where everything Kim So Yeon's character did irritated me. And when the lead character starts to become annoying it messes up the entire drama. The romance was the only reason I kept watching and the other side storylines were boring, except for Park Hyo Joo's part. She needs more roles because outside of the leads, her scenes were the ones I looked forward to the most.

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