Song of The Moment~Wonder Boyz~Tarzan

 Cannot believe I lucked out in discovering this group. They are a great up and coming K-Pop/Hip-Hop group that I wished had wayy more exposure then they do now. This is the latest comeback song Tarzan, which has the funniest chorus line "Like Tarzan make a thrilla in Manila or an Island!" I didn't even hear this until someone mentioned it haha. I've seen both versions of the song but my favorite has to be the dance version. This video has one of the best choreographed dances come out of Kpop this year. Using the Tarzan theme and making it into a graphic novel was genius, love the utilization of the beat with the background singers, it adds this thumping sweet melody to the song. The in sync dancing wasn't the fanciest but it was memorable enough for me to try and replicate the moves myself *snicker*. Overall this is the group to watch out for. Hope you enjoy!


Dance Ver.

Photo Credit~ K-Pop U Love


  1. Love these boys! And the song is pretty awesome. So's the dance. And the MV. :) Yes, I wish they had more exposure too. Btw, have you seen one of their songs from last year? It's pretty bizarre but again, in a strange way, I love it too. It's called Open the Door http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrxiXVOzsMk

    1. Ahh I love it!! Its such a quirky song, Gangnam-esque with the funky but hilarious dancing. Thanks for telling about it.


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