BTS "Dark & Wild" Comeback

The return of BTS is here folks and I for one am uber excited!! Their comeback is slated for August 20th, with an even darker concept than before. After the school concept, they seem to be taking it a step further in delving into what happens after "Boy In Luv."
From the first teaser video released, BTS is delving into the territory of a broken relationship. With their last single "Boy In Luv," the boys dealt with the initial emotions of a first crush, and the feeling that come along wit it. Well from this teaser, it looks like they've come back down to earth and this time it won't be as pretty. After listening to Rap Monster's rap monologue, it's safe to assume that the album's focus will be on the events following Skool Luv Affair.

Who else is ready for some more of BTS!?

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