Song of The Moment~MBLAQ~Smoky Girl

It started with the intro music and from there I was all in. By now you all have heard "Smoky Girl" the amazing new song from the group MBLAQ. In the past I had never looked at this group as someone who is a a great group, maybe because I've only listened to so few of their hits but with this dare I say hit on their hands they can only go up from here. Along with its sensual beats Smoky Girl has an amazing  dance routine which is as smooth as the song. This is a very mature sound coming from this group and the guys look quite dashing in their suits but the one I was wowed by the most was Thunder. He had my attention from the beginning and it was not just the hair color- which btw is pretty cool, he commanded the screen with nothing more than a glance. The maknae isn't so young looking anymore and it clearly shows here. All in all I give this song and Mblaq a big thumbs up!

Photo Credit~ AllKpop


  1. What a coincidence, it's my current KPOP obsession as well! I've always liked MBLAQ, not only because of their looks but in terms of acting in variety shows, they own the stage completely. Plus, I love how honest they are and they do not shy away even when they are confronted with questions that might invade their privacy. <3

    1. Haha wow must be my day then! Speaking of variety skills have you seen the program with MBLAQ and Super Junior I believe it was called the Shin PD Show? Now that was a hilarious one they did an awesome job of being entertaining.

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