Song of the Moment~ Seung Yeon~Guilty

Fellow music lovers like myself I hope will appreciate this. I like to listen to a wide variety of genres, so a thought came to me "Why not blog about the music your listening to at the moment," and so here it is! Ok, I'm not a fan of KARA by any means, but when each member released a solo song the one that stood out to me was Seung Yeon's "Guilty". Being a lover of anything rock-esque I applaud the direction they took with her. Seung Yeon rocked her heart out in this song the lyrics were so haunting and her voice is just beautiful to listen to. I hope her company DSP Media will give her the chance to do a solo album soon cause it would rock!

Hope you guys enjoy the video and have a great weekend!


  1. i like this song ! :D hehe. oh , and i followed your blog ;)

  2. It's totally awesome right!! An thanks so much I followed you also, have a great day! :)


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