Obsession Corner: Daeho's Cover of 2NE1's "Missing You"

Found this in my draft folder and realized I never got around to posting this!

I recently discovered this phenomenal singer Daeho from YouTube~of course! And he is an extremely gifted and talented person. He sings, plays the piano, and creates awesome videos, I'm surprised he isn't more popular. AllkPop even mentioned him in one of their latest posts. He collaborated with another YouTube-artist named Jungmin, and they covered 2NE1's Missing You. Personally I find it better than the original. They put such heart and soul into it, that I can feel the emotions from their voices better than when 2NE1 sang it. And this is in no way bashing 2NE1 because I love them, but I could never fully get the "feeling" of the song until now. Besides doing a phenomenal job singing-wise, I love the editing of the video. Simple so as not to distract from the singing but it still catches your eye.

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