First Impressions~ Witch's Romance

Who would have thought that after watching two noona-based dramas in the last year, that I would enjoy watching another one. Quite frankly, I had no intention of even watching Witch's Romance but because of some really good marketing on the promoters part, I decided to forge ahead and see if it could live up to the potential seen in the trailers. The verdict? A++.

Following the noon-romance trend of the year, comes the latest drama in the pack. The Witch’s Romance is about a strong, confident reporter who is extremely good at her job. So much that her nickname is literally “witch” because she tends to walk all over her co-workers. After getting left at the alter by her ex-fiancee, Ban Ji-Yeon has given up on true love.

Our lead man Yoon Dong Ha runs a small errand center with a friend. In this business they do anything the customer wants, including teaching a self-defense class or pretending to be Santa Clause for a day. Despite his happy-go-lucky appearance, Yoon Dong Ha hides a secret sorrow, having tragically lost his girlfriend some years back.

When the two meet, immediately sparks incur, and though their age difference might be great, their common interests and shared sorrow bring them together.

Uhm Jung Hwa - Ban Ji Yeon
Park Seo Joon - Yoon Dong Ha
Han Jae Suk - No Shi Hoon
Jung Yeon Joo - Jung Eun Chae
Ra Mi Ran - Baek Na Rae

The cast work well together but what really draws me in (and thus has lead me to becoming a fixture on forums) is the chemistry between Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon. Age doesn't factor in the equation at all with these two. Jung Hwa is doing a wonderful job of playing a character who from the outside is strong, confidant, successful woman that has everything together, but on the inside is a vulnerable woman. Coming into this, I had never seen any of her previous work before, but with romantic comedies, she is in her element. Park Seo Joon though relatively new to the acting world, is on fire. Literally and figuratively speaking! He has this "thing" where he never turns off, even when Seo Joon's character isn't in the frame, you can still see him in character in the background. As Dong Ha, he embodies the persona so well, with his expressions and the way he carries himself. Oh, and since this airs on tvN, we actually get REAL kisses!! I don't want to spoil it for anyone but there might/might not be a kiss scene in the first 3 episodes. Just saying!

Another plus to this drama is the momentum is has kept since the first episode. Many dramas, especially in the last year, start off on a high and then fizzle out towards the middle half. And while Witch's Romance isn't half-way yet, it still has been able to keep me glued to the screen in anticipation of the next episode. It has charm, romance, and humor that keeps the show (and audience) on it's toes.

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