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I know what your probably thinking, how could I list this one! Well, I never was emotionally invested with this show. That is not to say I didn't enjoy it but maybe it's because I wasn't ready to jump into another drama so soon after Gaskital. Feeble excuse, but its the only reason besides how I couldn't understand the characters actions 90% of the time. I really, really wanted to like this drama, it had everything a good drama needs: suspense, a revenge arch, a love triangle, and drama. The writing was perfect, every line uttered was spot on with the delivery and the actors were super great, especially Song Joong-Ki & Moon Chae-Won. The instant chemistry these two had when they entered on the screen was parallel to Moon Chae's & Park Shi-Hoo from The Princess Man (another awesome drama with Park Shi-Hoo.)
Song Joong-Ki did a stellar job with his performance, I got so frustrated and angry with him many times but that's what made his character stand out. He wasn't a good guy (hence the title) but in the end he became a better person, not necessarily a good guy but not bad either. Do I think he sincerely loved Eun Ki? Yes and No. Yes because of everything he went through to help take the company over from Jae-Hee. No, well because for half the drama I thought he was still in love with Jae-Hee. To this day, I doubt he ever stopped loving her as she was his first love. But I can say he loved Eun Ki differently than her. The writers wanted us to believe he loved her but it just never came across that way to me. It was like he was holding himself back from giving his all. A part of him that only Jae-Hee could see.

Eun Ki was a character I could love. Everything about her from her bossiness to her cold-calculating heart I enjoyed. Why? Because she was cool. She never backed down from anything or anyone including her step-mother( who creepily was the same age as her.) And when they put that amnesia arch in the storyline they took away what made the character so exciting. As a reviewer from Dramabeans said "It sucked the snap, crackle, and pop out of her." I never could understand her relentless love for Ma Ru, even after everything that he had done against her, she still took him back. To me it was never love but infatuation. Something about him kept her going back again and again, its like she had a rose-colored glasses on when it came to him. That's what made me slowly stop championing for her and start hating her. I much preferred her with Joon-Ha than Ma Ru because at least we knew where he stood with her. The guy was an open book.
One scene that I watched and re-watched over again was when Eun Ki found out that he was in love with her. The emotion on his face was like woooooh! Super intense moment. You could see how afraid he was that she would find out, and as much as Joon-Ha loved her, he knew she didn't feel the same way. He respected her enough to never tell his feelings and let her be happy with Ma Ru. I wonder if she knew all this time how he truly felt for her. Hm....
The ending probably sealed my feelings for the drama. Why did they have to use the amnesia arch twice...in one drama!! I got super happy knowing Ma Ru was going to live and that moment got taken when he had amnesia. Like come on show!!! Needless to say this was one where I probably wouldn't watch it again.

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