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Fall/Winter whichever weather forecast you are having at this moment is starting, and so are new beginnings....Ahh I just love the sight of leaves falling down and changing colors..

Winter 2012
 Heeyy guys the name is Tiffany and I'm super excited to be entering the blogging world.   As someone who enjoys writing, I decided what would it hurt to start a blog showcasing my passion for all things Asian-esque and fashion wise. I want to use this blog to show all my fave kdramas and kpop idols and also my opinions on them. You will see a lot of my undying love for shoes (yes what girl can't live without em!) and current obsession with bags and watches. I don't care what color, I love them all..lol! So join me as I venture out into the world of blogging with no experience just my weird obsessive self, my laptop, and you guys! One thing you'll learn about me is that I love love love using quotes in anything..essays, journals, blogs (teehe) you name it I'll put it. So to end this entry I leave you with this...

"Begin, be hold and venture out to be wise." by Horace

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