Hey guys, so a couple of months ago I stumbled upon an online Asian fashion store called YesStyle. This place is awesome!! I have been looking for an affordable place to shop for cool Asian type clothes as I wanted to expand my own personal style. Well, this place is it. It's got everything you would want and need for prices ranging from about $5 & up. Most of the time it depends on the brand...like say the Korean brands might be more expensive then the Taiwanese brands and so on. I've got a wishlist of over 100 items because it's sooo vastly packed with a variety of things to buy.
Clearly Cyber Monday has past but you see what I'm doing here ...right!?            
They have absolute gorgeous bags- You will come to find out how much I LOVE handbags. Like these here -

Dual-Pocket Satchel/Skyblue
Faux-Leather Buckled Bag with Strap/Herz
Studded Flap Clutch/Cutie Fashion

...and shoes-
My personal favorite are theses Lace-Up Buckled Platform Boots by Grace Candy
Lace Up Sneakers/59 Seconds
Lace-Up Wedge Boots/Smoothie
 Wanting to buy anything yet?

 I personally ordered from here about a month ago...it took 3-4 weeks for me to get my stuff as (hello!) its coming from Hong Kong. I bought just 3 things to see how the process would go, and I can say everything came nice and wrapped tight (but not too tight) and nothing was broken or damaged.  First thing I got was this gorgeous purple dress from Jack Grace ( my new fave Asian brand)....
Pleated Padded-Shoulder Dress/Jack Grace

Which also comes in.. Army Green

and Red!

I cannot say enough about this number. There were some threads sticking out a little but nothing to cry home about. I got a lot of compliments on it and purple is now my new fave color to wear! The second item bought was another dress from a brand called BBon-J. I know the red version is no longer available but there should be other colors to choose from.
Scoop-Neck Sheath Dress/BBon-J

I guess I didn't look at the part where it says "sheath" because when I tried it on it was pretty thin and see through, but I remedied that problem in time lol. All in all, I was completely happy with my purchases and would gladly do it again. I would recommend YesStyle to anyone looking for affordable and chic Asian clothes to go and please check this place out.

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