My Top 3 Dramas of 2012 Part 1

As we are nearing the end of 2012 I thought I would make a list of the top 3 dramas I've enjoyed this year.. It was extremely hard to narrow it down to just 3 picks because I've watched soo many dramas this year. I first started watching Korean dramas around this time last year (amazing right!) and I've already covered alot so here it is my top 3 dramas of the year 2012.

In first place is... Gaksital ( Bridal Mask)
Ahhh what can I not say about the best drama of the year...from the multiple deaths of key roles in the same episode to the uncovering of Shunji's inner evil to the tragic death of Mok Dan this show had you on the edge of your seats in suspense. In plain English this show was epic! It wasn't just the lead actor(s) but also the supporting roles who brought this drama to life.
Starring Joo Won
 Park Ki Wong
 ...and Jin Se Yun.
It had suspense, drama, and romance to keep me enthralled with what was going on. I enjoyed all the actors/actresses performances but it was Joo Won's and Park Ki Wong's talent that shined through every time they were on screen together and separately. Their tight-knit friendship/bromance had me in tears when it started as two young guys fooling around with each other, enjoying life together, to it slowly dissolving into bitter enemies.

During happier times...

It's always sad to see that happen in dramas but this particular one was far worse because of everything they went through together only to fall apart because of Shunji's brothers actions. If there were many jaw dropping-tear inducing scenes like the death of Mok Dan etc, the one where Kang To discovers not only his brother being Gaksital but his mothers death probably rates as the most heartbreaking/uncomfortable feeling ever.

I say uncomfortable because the sound coming from him in that moment were sounds I've never heard a human make and I just wanted to stop the drama and give him privacy. It was that uncomfortable but in a good way because it showed the actors depth of emotion he brought to the scene.

While I enjoyed the sweet romance between Lee Kang To & Mok Dan at times-and please don't hate me, I didn't feel the chemistry between them at all...BUT the wedding scene after they were pronounced man and wife was a truly beautiful scene....you could see how much they loved each other after being apart for so long.

 ...making her tragic demise even more heartbreaking.

Loved the role of Ueno Rie/Lala played by Han Chae-ah as she presented a strong female character to me. She was the kind of character who wasn't sure who she wanted to be and that was the inner conflict that had her bound. I liked that she tried to mend the relationship between Kang To & Shunji because of their history together she didn't want to see that end....

Liked how even though Kang To was her enemy she was still devoted to him for saving her life and her love never waned. The 'undefined' relationship between Shunji and Ueno was compelling. It wasn't love but it wasn't hate either, (after reading another bloggers views on this) I think it's more like a family relationship. I can't tell you how I wished for her to be able to save Shunji, in that moment when she knew he was going to do something.  But then again maybe he thought he was too far gone to be saved. Something to think about.

I really REALLY wanted her and Katsuyama to end up together, I wanted her to fall for such a great man as loving as he was but I respected her saying 'no' instead of leading him on. And speaking of Katsuyama how great was he! 

  Katsuyama might have been the quiet in the background kind of guy but he always stood by Ueno Rie's side protecting her like a knight in shining armor should. He barely had any speaking parts (he really doesn't need to speak just look at the guy!) but when he spoke in the final episode saying "How he wanted to be her shadow," that part hit me hard. Despite knowing she wouldn't love him, he still wanted the chance to be with her even if that meant being in the background. And when she claims her true identity by telling him her name for the first time...wow that was good!

And finally the end scene where Gaksital is walking with the villagers showed not a happy ending but a new beginning that the people were not gonna sit and do nothing, they were to keep on fighting for their freedom. Hwaiting! Not wanting to make this too long of a review I'll end it here by saying that Gaksital took you on a journey through pain, suffering, and betrayal, but it was the hero figure that Gaksital presented to give the people hope is something we all can relate to on a personal level. So I hope you enjoyed this review and if you haven't yet, go watch this ah-mazing drama. You won't regret it.

*I'll have to make a part 2 for my review as I didn't think this was going to be soo long. So please be waiting for Part 2 coming soon. *

*Photo credit to goes to Dramabeans*


  1. I love read your review about gaksital! I agreed about joo won and park ki woong's talent shined. Their acting are undeniable. when i watch their scenes together, i cried a lot. You're opinion about chemistry between Mok Dan and Kang To same as mine. Ha3 But i really love their wedding scene, it's very sweet and innocent but when shunji suddenly appeared,i felt bad for him. But for me, I love to see shunji and ueno's scene together, their relationship seems interesting. I really shipped them together. hahaha. but if i hoped if she's not with shunji, she will be with katsuyama.I really want her to be someone. :( I'm really happy with gaksital's ending. I cried a lot when i watched this drama. ^^

    1. I didn't know if I should reply here or on your blog lol but thanks soo much for the comment! Ditto on crying a lot at the end one of the best endings I've seen in a drama!


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