Nillili Mambo

Today while playing around on my laptop, the latest song from Block B called "Nillili Mambo" came on my playlist. This is one fabulous video check it out here!

I am in LOVE with this song!! Everyone should go listen to this catchy, fun song. It goes without saying that its probably one of their best songs ever. If you don't know who they are, its time to..

 Block B is an boy group from label Brand New Stardom that has roots in hip-hop but combines it with various genres of music. They first debuted in 2011 with their single "Freeze." For me though, it was when the second album Welcome to the Block came out, is when I first took notice of them with the song "Nanrina."

At the time I was only watching and obsessing over Big Bang's music so I 'shunned" other K-pop groups, but that's another story in itself. Anyway, they got on my radar because of their GORGEOUS leader Zico. Besides his smexy deep voice and charisma, he's one of the best rappers in the hip-hop industry.

This guy is siiiiiiiiick, his raps are breezy and engaging. He's an wonderful lyricist with his compositions always coming across as deep and meaningful. I tend to shy away from hip-hop acts as I was never into that genre but both Big Bang and Block B have such talented rappers that you just can't stop listening to them. I came across Zico by accident, when I clicked on Hyuna's (from 4minute) Just Follow Me performance.

What's most impressive is that Zico wasn't the original rapper for the song (It was a rapper called Dok2) and so he wrote all his own parts in the song except for the chorus. That performance alone made such an mark on me, I immediately went looking for more songs with him featured on it.

So here is another one for you guys to hear called "Turn Around" feat. Park Kyung.

Another honorable mention is Zico's writing partner/fellow rapper Park Kyung who you just heard in "Turn Around."
I soo want to steal these glasses!
 Usually he's overshadowed by Zico's talent, but that doesn't mean he's not as good as him. I think Kyung's just as gifted and you can see that here with his song "Hot Track."

Block B will be around for awhile as they are not only multi-talented but aren't afraid to be different from all the other acts. There are many groups that don't have that 'spark' that distinguishes them from the next big thing coming out, but Block B does. So take a chance and check out this amazing group!

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