Model Spotlight: Soo Joo Park

  • South Korean born, American-raised model
  • Debuted in 2010
  • Known for her platinum blonde hair
 Korean model Soo Joo Park is becoming a new favorite of mine! A couple of years ago when I was really into the fashion world (once wanted to major in fashion design) I was into the "It" models of that time like Emma Ward, Lily Donaldson, Jessica Stam and Natalia Vodianova etc.. Recently after getting back into my love for fashion, I've discovered this unique model. I use that word because it's not everyday you see platinum blonde Asian models like her. Joo Park has that spark that will take her a long way in the modeling industry. Who knows she might be the next "top" model.


    Photo Credit~Tumblr


    1. Her features and face are exquisite! I can't stop looking at her. <3
      She's also the reason why I want to get my hair platinum blonde as well, haha. xD

    2. It's wonderful to see another fan of her, I'm like obsessed with looking at her photos because she has something that draws you in.
      And thanks for the add :)

      1. Yes, she's really one of a kind. All her pictorials are done in an artistic way, I really like viewing those kind of pictures. It feels fresh when being compared to "fashion" shoots. You are welcome! I very much enjoy your blog, we share quite some similar interests. :)

      2. Yes it does! Awesome I love meeting another fellow K-Pop fan.


    Thank you for taking the time to comment today, I love responding back. I hope you have a lovely day! :)