Song of the Moment~ Halestorm~Freak Like Me

One day I happened to "accidentally" listen to this song on the radio, I say that because I was channel surfing and almost missed it. Good thing cause this song couldn't be brought to my attention at a better time. Its the type of song you listen to when your angry and just need that extra "oomph" head banging music to calm yourself down...at least with me that is. Lead by rocker woman Lizzy Hale this group has been on the circuit for the last 4 years, debuting in 2009 with their self-titled album. "Freak Like Me" is from their latest album The Strange Case of...It has become an anthem for me after listening to it for the umpteenth time. There's a part where she says "So shout if you’re a freak like me/ You were born to burn/ This is no disease you don’t need a cure! Which hit me personally as lately I've been going through the "Who am I" and "What am I" phase. Wanting to set myself "free" of the things that burden and truly be myself. And this song is bascially saying "be yourself" don't let anyone or anything stop you. Didn't mean to get so personal but thought I would share that with you guys. Anyways, this is my new hymn its got that punch that has been missing in the rock music world lately. Its about time another female-fronted band gets the attention that they have been getting.

 Freak Like Me

 ~Photo Credit: Flurt

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