30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 3

                                                                 Day 3:
               What Is The Worst Asian Drama You've Seen?

The absolute worst question so far...aghh challenge why!? I actually did the eenie meenie miney mo game to pick this one. Its sad I'm so indecisive, but in my repertoire of dramas watched, there has not been any that were truly awful. Some dumb, others the story was great but towards the end the plot cliches started coming out and ruined it for me.

                                                         You're Beautiful
Don't hate me but this has to be one of the most overrated dramas I've seen to date. Now before you throw pitchforks and knives at me, let me explain. My mother is to blame for getting me to watch this crack-addiction. So hurl them at her....just kidding! I didn't know how popular this show was until wayy after. I can do cheesy movies/dramas but halfway through this, I came to the realization that I can't endure everything. First, the story of a crossing girl piqued my interest as a big fan of the American film She's The Man and the manga Hana Kimi, the thought of a girl actually crossing the invisible line between sexes and uncovering the mysteriousness that is men was enough to get my attention. Around the middle of the drama is where my mood went south. It tended to veer toward the makjang territory in some places. Like how come it took them forever to figure out that Park Shin Hye's character was a girl. I get that some males can look feminine or act effeminate but that was just too outrageous. Thank God Hwang Tae kyung figured it out early enough or that would have been really crazy. On the other hand I can't quite call it horrible because its not suppose to take itself too seriously but there's a point where the stupid story lines ruin what could have been a funny rom-com.

My favorite character and the reason I kept watching was Jeremy. The way Hongki so naturally played him made me believe he was playing his real self. Jeremy was so adorable and that smile gah I lived for it everytime. Him and PSH had wonderful chemistry actually she had good chemistry with all 3 guys. I was in love with this character so much I cried buckets of tears during the bus scene. I probably watched that scene multiple times, so much that its saved on my search engine on YouTube! It shows how awesome of an actor Hongki is to be able to evoke such emotion from the viewers. This would be my first drama where I wanted the second, er third lead to get the girl in the end. So after that touching scene, I was turned off but I did finish it, begrudgingly. All in all, it wasn't a bad drama but it wasn't a great one either.

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  1. Woot! OMG someone who agrees with me!
    I watched this mid-drama obsession so I'd heard plenty about it and was pretty sure it'd be something to hate. Still... It's You're Beautiful. You can't watch Asian drama and NOT see if once you know it exists. But sure enough, I barely stomached it. You're right about that line when too much of the ridiculous can ruin what should just be funny. Also, I can't stand the main guy. In anything I've ever seen him in. Jeremy was the reason I got through it.

    1. Yeah I kinda feel thats how BOF is in the Asian drama world but I just can't make myself watch it. OMG me neither!! I feel like everyone's in love with him but me. He comes off as really arrogant and that just irks me everytime I see him on screen.


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