My Top 3 Dramas of 2012 Part 3

Last but not least in this 3-Part is......

Vampire Prosecutor 2!!
So where do I start.......I confess I had a hard time writing this review as I just couldn't get into the mode, must be the holiday blah coming over me or something. And spending time with family and friends during my break, has kept me away from trying to finish this piece, so I apologize for the delay. I LOVED both 1 & 2 (You can go watch season 1 here) of this series but this is about Vampire Prosecutor 2. It was mind blowing, I never knew what to expect from the show as it continued where it left off from the previous season. It was darker more grittier then before and balancing that out with the more comical part of the show kept me anxiously awaiting the next episode. I hope they will make a Season 3 because the cliffhanger ending cannot just be left to hang there. Your probably gonna here me say how I want another series a lot but it's the kind of Korean drama you hope will keep making more and more episodes. Because the characters, plot and cases of the week are so engaging to watch and at the end of the day, you won't forget what you just saw.

Starring Yeon Jung Hoon

 Lee Young Ah
Lee Won Jung
Lee Kyeong Yeong
Kim Joo Young

Ok I HAVE to start with the fact that Yeon Jung Hoon looked absolutely handsome in Vampire Prosecutor. Like goodness his wife is a lucky woman and he seems like a pretty chill guy so another point to him. This was my first drama with this actor and I was very impressed with his role-recently saw him in another drama Can Love Become Money, he did an awesome job there too. And when he makes faces like this you can't help but fall in love with him even more.

His character Min Tae Yeon has to not only deal with being an vampire but also the safety of his crew this season. We get to see more of the vampire side then the"human" side where we get to see even more conflict that he has to face. Min Tae Yeon might have that slightly arrogant/broody part to him but he's just a guy yearning to find his sister and bring justice to the courtroom. I like that he is slightly neurotic- a la Joo Won from Secret Garden except less OCD- I like the looks-clean-cut-but-really-isn't- types who have more dimensions that we don't see.

The bromance between Min Tae Yeon & Soon Bum is such a welcome relief from all the sinister stuff going on in the episodes. They're tight bond really lightens the show and I'm glad Tae Yeon has someone to lean on. Soon Bum is one tough cookie always using his fists to get the truth from suspects. It's like Tae Yeon is the brains and Soon Bum the arms. Hehe. Without him, Min Tae Yeon wouldn't be able to have an close confidant to keep him in line from his occasional "vamp" outbursts.

I love feisty Jung In shes the type I'm always rooting for versus the helpless female characters who can't do anything for themselves. The writers did a good job in writing out this role for Young Ah, absolutely adored her chemistry with Yeon Jung Hoon & Lee Won Jung you could tell they were enjoying themselves.  SPOILER ALERT. She doesn't know Min Tae Yeon's secret yet, but she's smart enough to know something is up with Prosecutor Min. Jung In also has a secret past that she tries to run from thus why she's fighting for justice so strongly. Her weakness is Min, though I HOPE (if there is a season 3) that we'll get more scenes with just the two of them and not a cop out by giving us a fantasy episode like they gave did in ep 4.

All in all, Season 2 kicked butt even though one of my favorite character's died. *sad face* I enjoyed the pace but disliked the ending because it left us hanging...which would mean their telling us there's gonna be another season... I Hope. But I liked that we got to see more of the vampire conflict and the responsibility that comes with it. Like how the combination of blood and Jung In being around Min Tae Yeon could result in him vamping out so he's always careful with that, really keeps the can't-be-together-story more realistic. If you like Bones/Angel/CSI this show has elements of all those shows but with their own spin on it.

So go and check this show out guys it will be well worth your time!
Best stank face ever.

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