Style It: Queen B CL

CL is the one and only baddest female and she always kicks butt with her fashion sense. Fierce and fearless are two of the best words used to describe her. I'm not just talking about her Jeremy Scott clothing (though sometimes those can be too extreme) but her personal style off the stage as well. She always dresses to suit her own individual style, setting new trends alike. Now don't think this post is going to go in depth about her fashion. I am no way a fashionista or trends setter, I just happen to love clothes and how other people wear them.

I guess I can label this airport fashion except for the last photo...
Love the sweater, I am a sucker for the over sized sweater/hoodie look she has going on here. What's cool about it is that CL looks fashionable AND comfortable. I don't wear alot of sneaker mainly just converse, but her's look chic. And yes I saw the writing on it lol.

I like how she always wear cool graphic t-shirts with shorts or leggings. I would so wear this look, even those construction-worker boots.
Tight leggings! Black always looks classy on her, like its effortless. She would be one of the few celebrities who I would want to raid their closets.

I love love this dress! Its comfy and stylish at the same time. The boots and clutch add a nice touch.

 Love THIS!! Had to throw this one in, I would totally rock something like this. Its so fun looking and something you know that everyone doesn't have. It screams letting the inner child out you know.

Photo Credit~American KPop& Complex Magazine

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