Song of The Moment~Hurts~Somebody to Die For

Every once in awhile I like to showcase a non-kpop song that I'm currently obsessed with. The band Hurts has recently been on my radar since a lot, and I mean a lot, of Youtubers have used their song "Somebody to Die For" in their Korean drama mv. So you can say I've been captivated with them ever since.

This song just draws you in from the beginning with just the piano playing that beautiful melody, it always gets me when I hear it. It feels like its hitting all the right mood spots. And that part at the bridge where its just the instruments playing, man it gets me every time. I wish I had the ability to make a music video or something, because that would be the only possible way for me to express how much feeling I get from it. Its got such a epic feel to the song, that I won't be surprised if it ends up on a popular tv show or even a movie because its the kind of song that should be heard from the masses. Enjoy!

Photo Credit~Josephvinaixa

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