30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 4

                                                                  Day 4: 
                       Your Favorite Couples In An Asian Drama?

Ooh and I thought the last one was hard. Since it would be impossible to just pick one, bear with me here. There might be a brief SPOILER about one or more characters, so beware.  

                                                            Secret Garden
                                                        Gil Ra Im &  Joo Won
Truly how could this not be on my list. They had such sizzling chemistry, its a wonder they didn't date in real life! They were the perfect example of a couple that were complete opposites of each other but were able to work out their differences in order to be together. The switching bodies part was hilarious because Joo Won was able to understand Gil Ra Im a little better because he was in her body. Sure their minds were the same and only the bodies were switched, but the seemingly little differences between the two became quite obvious overtime.I believe Joo Won was able to appreciate her a little more after experiencing what it would be like in her shoes. The same goes for Gil Ra Im.

                                                             King 2 Hearts 
                                               Eun Shi Kyung & Jae Shin
The drama that made me cry for days all because of one man...Eun Shi Kyung. At first I just thought I was being too emotional but reading comments from many fans of the show, they cried buckets of tears also, so now I don't feel so much like a ninny. This was the almost-perfect couple, only if he had lived. Jae Shin was fearless, brassy woman while Eun Shi kyung was the loyal, awkward bodyguard. Together they helped each other with their strength and weaknesses. The quintessential couple in dramaland.
         Photobucket                                                              What's Up?
                                        Oh Doo Ri & Sun
While this was a great example of a one-sided crush on your high school teacher, I couldn't help but wish they would actually become a couple. I mean, sure he was much older and wiser than her but she was no naive girl going through life with her head stuck in clouds, Doo Ri was smart and sarcastic quite the opposite of the reserved but loving teacher. For this nontraditional couple, it was her relentless pursuit of trying to make them a couple and Sun trying (but not succeeding) of pushing her away from him. She was the one constantly by his bedside the sicker he became, and also the one he made sure wasn't there to see him die. One of the saddest part of his death was during the funereal when Oh Doo Ri was reading the eulogy and she couldn't finish the rest, right then the tears started to come. Because whether you were a fan of the teacher-crush, I believe she really did fall for him which is why his death hit her the hardest.
                                      I Hear Your Voice
                                  So Ha & Jang Hye Sung
I had almost forgotten why I loved this couple so much, it took going down memory lane reading another bloggers post to remember why I loved IHYV so much. I could just say I watched this drama only because of Lee Jong Suk -and while initially that was true- I genuinely came to love Lee Bo Young's portrayal of Jang Hye Sung. She was wonderful in bringing to life such a flawed character. And the best part about this couple and their relationship, is how realistic it was. It never felt forced or rushed just perfect.

 Photo Credit~Dramabeans

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