Song of The Moment~Spica~Tonight

 I know this song came out almost 2 months ago, but I'm now just listening to it and my God is it excellent! While I enjoyed their single "Painkiller" I wasn't a fan of their other released singles of the past year. But their latest comeback hit the right marks from the teasers to the overall production of the song/music video. The artsy-flower girl concept I've yet to see in Kpop until now really works for the girls. Their previous concepts really didn't emphasize their identity all that well and it seemed like they were still figuring it out for themselves. I hope they can stick with this because its working really well for them. This is the only female group that I've listened to where each individual has an unique voice and no one is better than the other. They really nailed it with this song/video and with thanks from Lee Hyori I hope it will bring them out from obscurity. Because these girls are too good to be underrated. The thing that really stood out to me besides how awesome the video was, is how happy and relaxed they look in the video and when they performed live. Its like their in a place where their finally at their peak and can only go up from here. It made me want to go out and buy some flower headbands and dye my hair pink! Enjoy!


Photo Credit~Allkpop

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