Song of The Moment~Hyorin~Lonely

Such a soothing ballad to listen to. The lyrics are pretty sad highlighting the feelings of loneliness but the music adds that uplifting happy beat to contrast with it. My translation of the song is that the person is trying to keep an happy outlook on life even though they might be feeling lonely and sad inside. It's the perfect song that showcases how one might act despite their circumstances. The song is really good and I personally like it better than her other single "One Way Love." To me, this song shows off her talent more and OWL sounds like a Sistar-esque song.

I really enjoyed the video because it showed-cased Hyorin's personality. The shots of her walking around different places in London were beautiful and I felt that I got a glimpse of who the real Hyorin is. Happy, sad, melancholic all were parts of her. She's got a beautiful, husky voice that stands out against other current artist.

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