Crack Drama of The Year~Secret/Secret Love

 Secret. There are not enough adjectives to describe what a roller coaster ride this drama was. Unfortunately I didn't wait for it to end so I couldn't marathon it all the way through because now I'm having serious withdrawals. Withdrawals are common in the Kdrama world and I am having the worst of the symptoms. Constantly on YouTube watching either clips or music videos starring the leads...its a big problem. I just can't let go of Secret and one part of me wishes there could have been an extension *gasp*. Yes I know, this drama was too good to be possibly ruined if there was an extension but that's how bad I miss it. Now I have no Wed-Thur show to look forward to. Thankfully it wasn't *SPOILER*  a sad ending so I wasn't teary-eyed and exhausted from crying after it ended - shakes fist at writers of King 2 Hearts! In-depth review coming soon.

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