K-Indie Music: Nell "White Night"

I recently started listening to K-Indie. For those who don't know what K-Indie stands for it is Korean Indie or what is considered non-mainstream music. Since there is a big difference between "indie" and "popular" music, I decided to start a whole new segment on Fridays just for it. And also since I'm a newbie to this world, your suggestions on bands/singers to listen to will be greatly appreciated!

Now, I'm the type of person that once I get into something or someone, I'm all in and that is no exception with my music picks. Nell has become my new music obsession. Seriously. I've listened to their albums Holding Onto Gravity, Escaping Gravity & Slip Away all in a span of a couple of hours and was immediately hooked. Their sound and style of lyrics remind me slightly of Coldplay, in that their very deep and profound but that is in no way comparing the two bands because both are extremely talented on their own. "White Night" is a beautiful, haunting song about a failed relationship and has constantly been playing on my Youtube playlist all this week. Even though alot, and I mean ALOT, of their songs are about past relationships and the obstacles of life, they always bring a new feeling to it. It makes me sad and filled with longing for something I don't even have, if ever. There's a portion of the song where he says, "I can't get over you, you just keep shining on and on through my time" that always gets to me. Its so full of longing for that person that you're not ready to let go of.

White Night

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