K-Indie Music: Yaya "Nightmare"

I've been in the exploration-mode of new and different music for awhile which is a big reason why I started this segment. One of the people I've come to appreciate their music is singer Yaya. Yaya is an exceptional singer and composer blending the two to create such invoking and haunting music. Quite frankly I didn't know what to think of her style. Musically, its different from anything I've ever heard before. So different I cant put her in any particular category or genre. She perfects the talent of integrating different genres such as jazz, tango, classical, cabaret - all into one masterpiece.

"Nightmare" is crazy, chaotic, and a tumbling mesh of different instruments in one piece. There is never a slow moment in the song. It starts out crazy and never settles down. But that's the beauty of it, its suppose to represent something dark and yet mesmerizing when you listen to it. At first listen, it was kinda jarring to the ear but after repeating it again and again, it became less harsh and more amazing. Its best to listen to it more than once in order to get the full impact of the song.

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