Drama Watchlist 2014

The New Year has barely just started and we already have a great crop of new dramas to look forward to. This is my year to watch more dramas. That was one of the many things on my Goal List, since I felt making resolutions would be easier to break. I had been pretty lax during last years shows mainly because I felt the dramas weren't as great as the previous years. Except for a select few, many lacked the pizzazz of such greats like Gaksital and King 2 Hearts. I can only hope that the next batch of dramas will be great.

First off...............Lee Bo Young is coming back to dramaland!!

I was really impressed with Lee Bo Young's acting in I Hear Your Voice and was psyched to hear that she was starring in another drama so soon. Set to premiere in February, God's Gift -14 Days is about a mother who after the heartbreaking ache of losing her young daughter is given the opportunity to travel back in time -two weeks - to save her daughter from being killed. I for one am suuuuuper happy that she took on another drama because I really missed her sparkle on screen. Her persona of Hye Sung was one of my favorite performances of the year. So in the simplest words possible, I like her.

Full Sun
Didn't think I would be psyched to jump into another melodrama so soon after Secret but this sounds interesting if not a variation of every other melodrama ever made, but filled with everything I enjoy about them to include tears and tragedy. Yoon Kye Sang stars as a man living the good life crime-free until the day he accidentally kills another man resulting in him becoming a criminal like his mobster father. The man killed ends up being Han Ji Hye's fiance'. Eventually the two will meet and Yoon Kye Sang's character will end up falling for her. But the twist is that he doesn't know that Han Ji Hye is the man's former girlfriend. I'm pretty sure the teaser and stills are what are making me want to watch this because their just so doggone beautiful to stare at. This drama will also be premiering in February.

The Joseon Gunman
The Princess's Man PD is coming back with another drama. Once I heard the words "Princess Man" in the sentence I was all for it. I dearly loved that drama and am psyched to see his next project. The drama is called The Joseon Gunman and will tell the story of a young man who is the son of Joseon's greatest swordsmen. He loses his father and sister and sets out to avenge their deaths dropping the sword and picking up a gun, hence the title. Being a HUGE fan of action-oriented movies - thanks to growing up with Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee fan of a father- I'm looking forward to seeing this. Unfortunately this isn't set to air until the summer.

Empress Ki
I know this drama is already airing but it had to be on this list. I love Ha Ji Won, she's such a humble and gracious person. I'd watch just about anything from her and so far haven't been disappointed in her dramas. The storyline sounds really promising and is centered on Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) who was originally from Goryeo but went on to marry the Emperor of Huizong who is played by Ji Chang Woo. It basically follows her lovelife and political ambitions during her time. There's also a juicy love triangle that involves her first love Wang Yoo (Joo Jin Woo) later to be the King of Goryeo. I enjoy historical-based dramas because you get a look into the lives of those who are only accessible through books, artifacts, manuscripts, etc. There are high hopes that this drama will continue to maintain the steadiness of its writing until the end. I can only hope as well.

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