K-Indie Music: Clazziqua's "Brown Gold Eyes"

Sorry this is a day late but blame it on my recovery from ice skating late last night, and recovering from volleyball practice during the week. Sitting for long periods of time just isn't working for me at the moment.

A blogger friend recently recommended the group Clazziqua to add to my must-listen to list. The group consists of Alex, male vocalists, who might be more well known as a actor that played second lead to Gong Hyon-jin in the drama Pasta, the female vocalist of the group Horan, and DJ Clazzi who composes, mixes, and produces the groups music. So far I've only listened to this song about eighty times already. Its a very nostalgic song about missing that special someone and how they keep thinking about their past memories and their "brown gold eyes." I love how they used the instruments in the song, keeping it simple so not to overwhelm the vocalists. Using just the acoustic guitar in the beginning was pure bliss I liked how it set the tone for the rest of the song. This group is a must to check out.

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