Song of The Moment~Seungri~Gotta Talk To You

 This is an extremely late review on this comeback song from Seungri. I actually forgot about it, amidst all the other things on my list to write about. Well Baby Panda is back and I for one was extremely proud of his latest album. There was obvious maturity not only in the music but his voice also. It seems that he became more aware of what his voice and do and the type of music that will suit it. "Gotta Talk To You" is one of my favorite songs of the Fall/Winter releases. It felt like we had a slump there for awhile and then BOOM great, though-provoking music was released. I love the smooth mid-tempo beat of the song, perfectly accented his voice/music style and its just super awesome. And that ending is right on point!! It fits Seungri soo well. Had me jumping off my feet wishing that it would last just a tinsy bit longer. Great song and video!

Gotta Talk To You

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