30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 9

     Your Least Favorite Male Character In An Asian Drama
Man oh man do I have things to say about this man but I'm choosing to go easy for this challenge as I will be doing a review for this drama later on.

Secret had many wonderful characters that I absolutely loved while it also had some I hated, An Do-Hoon is the main object of my dislike. I was going to pick someone else but after recently finishing this drama, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spew my hatred about this character. Everytime An Do-Hoon's face popped on my screen I screamed loud obscenities at him. Seriously he's the worst type of man to EVER walk the face of the planet. An Do-Hoon was the lowest of lows, he was extremely selfish blaming everyone around him for the problems that he himself created. In the end he truly deserved everything that happened to him. There comes a point in the drama when he comes face to face with something so treasured to him but because of his selfish ways, eventually lost it. Do-Hoon loses it and balls like a baby, hitting himself over and over again. After everything that had happened I still couldn't bring myself to feel any sympathy, because any I COULD have was long gone. And the saddest part about his character is that he didn't own up to the mistakes made until the very last minute, wasting soo much time denying everything, when Do-Hoon could have just admitted wrongdoing. That is the real tragedy.

The great injustice though was done to Yoo-Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum) the woman who stood beside him for over 7 years taking care of him and his family. And he treated her like dirt. In order to spare everyone from spoiling the drama I won't go into too much details but just know he was a jerk to her and her father.  Bae Soo-Bin was excellent so excellent that while I loathed his character I loved him! I've never seen a drama with him but from how well he performed in Secret is any indication of the talent he has, sign me up for more dramas with him!

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