Song of The Moment~Kiss&Cry~Domino Game

I gotta say this song pushed me out of my temporary bloggers slump. Once I listened to the song, it had to be part of Song of The Moment for this week. It's funky,upbeat and such a happy song. First off, I rarely if EVER like a rookie group's debut song, but this song is soo refreshing to hear. Quite frankly I've been tired of the sexy concept that's been going on for awhile within the girl groups and wanted something new and fresh. Thank God for Kiss&Cry to debut around the time that I was almost going to give up on girl groups. Each member has their own individual voice so it wasn't hard to pinpoint who was who. Dia is the one member who stood out the most because she doesn't have the aesthetic looks popular in the girl groups....and I love it! I can only hope she never changes her look to fit in. She's a phenomenal singer who did a cover of "Let It Go." Yes I know it seems every popular Korean-Pop singer has covered that song but I put her version up there with Ailee's and Hyorin's. I'm sure as they get more songs under their belts, I can do a feature piece on them but so far I'm quite proud of this group and can't wait to see what happens next.

Domino Game

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