First Impressions~ I Need Romance 3

[ I am currently up to date with the show but since I was busy with RL, couldn't finish it in time which is why this is still a First Impression post.]

I adore this show. Never having seen the previous dramas in the series I had no preconceived notions about I Need Romance 3. The only thing I hoped for was that it would be a steady and consistent drama from start to end, and that Sung Joon & Kim So Yeon will get to shine like never before - that part was the fangirl in me. The cinematography and music are perfect. They picked the right music to fit the mood and I LOVE the ost that's played throughout the show. It sets the tone for the drama and is perfecto.

Shin Joo Yeon is extremely jaded when it comes to relationships. Its like she goes into a relationship but keeps a part of her heart to herself. I'm sure as the show goes on we will learn more of how that came to be but at this moment in time its so sad. 

She doesn't feel like she's worthy of love and so puts up walls in order to keep herself sane. Like for instance, when her boyfriend broke up with her instead of showing any emotions, Shin Shin kept her poker face and acted like nothing happened. I'm not sure if because she didn't give herself fully to the relationship was the reason he broke up with her, but he seemed slightly not surprised that she reacted in that fashion. To me, he fully expected her reaction but was hoping for something more at the same time. Now I could way off with my perception but after re-watching a 2nd time I still think he was part hurt, part unsurprised. On one hand you can't hate him for breaking up a relationship that lacks depth but he should have at least tried to work it out. I like Shin Joo Yeon, she's a nice person but cold when it comes to romantic relationships. I think at this point she figures why try to put some effort when in the end he's going to break up with me. Such a harsh way to look at it but its very true for her. She's been hurt constantly and decided enough was enough. She would play the dating game but would never give up her heart.

That is why Joo Wan is quite literally the perfect guy for her because he sees her for her true nature and isn't swayed by any preconceived notions of who or what she is. He's so perceptive of her and man do I love it how he figured out she wasn't in love with her boyfriend, and all of this was without seeing her just talking on the phone. It unhinges her because she can't put up an defenses when it comes to him. Like I said perfect choice.
I adore Joo Wan adore partly because its Sung Joon playing the role and partly because he's the perfect guy. Hardworking, mature, and wise beyond his years. He's the guy who knows more than he lets on, standing in the background observing and taking everything in. Joo Wan was incredible optimist about his first love thinking she would be his ideal woman only to find out how wrong he was. People change and grow up, something Joo Wan forget to think about. I can't decide if its adorable or sad how long he's been in love with his Shin Shin. I give props to him though for sticking to it.
I hope that Joo Yeon and Se Ryung can get through past hurts and betrayals to become friends, if not civil acquaintances. Their relationship reminds me of Hye Sung and Do Yeon's from I Hear Your Voice. At first they were good friends, became frenemies, and once again became friends. I don't hate Se Ryung, yes she did wrong, but I feel she's waiting for Joo Yeon to confront her and finally clear the air between the two.
Beside the relationship between JY and JW, I adore the frenemy one between these two. JY hates Se Ryung and I feel it goes way beyond a former bff stealing your boyfriend, and while that would split up a friendship there just seems to be more missing from the story. And I for one can't wait to see what it is. Overall the show has a nice flow to it, and I'm hoping it stays that way.

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