My Wonderful Viewers

A HUGE thank you to everyone of my viewers and followers. Who either pass by looking for something in particular or happen to actually like this blog (yay!) thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been a wonderful (sometimes scary) journey doing this blog which I've been doing officially for 4 months now!! I started Love Bugs Obsession because I needed a outlet to talk about the things I enjoyed. Things that the people around me weren't into that much.... and we all know its not fun to talk to yourself after awhile..hehe. So this blog in retrospect is my baby. I take care of it and make sure its well fed. Merci beaucoup to all my French viewers, I always squeal when I see that even French people are looking at my blog. Now if only I could write it as well as I can read it! My mother's been trying to get me to learn French for awhile now (as she is French herself) and so thanks to her I am now actively learning it along with Korean. My future goal for this blog is to one day write an entry in French & Korean to flex my language skills out. So please be on the look out for that! As I have now crossed 500 views, I'm extremely grateful to you all and hope to keep on blogging!

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