Thoughts About Blog....

 I've recently been thinking about what direction this blog is heading to, and my reason behind starting it. At first, it was just an outlet for me to talk about the latest dramas I've been obsessed with and the K-Pop music I liked, but overtime it has changed into something more. I've re-discovered my love for fashion again, which is why I started my fashion blog on tumblr instead of on here. Because I wasn't completely sure that I could fuse fashion the way I wanted to for this blog. While the focus will still be on drama reviews, I'm leaning more towards blogging on Asian fashion and the things that I love about it. This will not be a full-fledged fashion blog but will incorporate more fashion, music, and dramas then it has ever before. So in the future, you will see
  • More fashion-conscious posts
  • More drama reviews
  • Even more music interest on K-Pop groups/soloists
  • Model spotlights
 I would love to do more fashion hauls because it was alot of fun, so be prepared in the future for more of those! Although I'm still a newbie at this, my biggest goal for my blog is to not only evolve as a writer but as a person too. So, I am sorry to those who might not like the direction I will be going in, but to those who do stick to my blog thank you very much for your support!

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