Song of The Moment~Lana Del Rey~This Is What Makes Us Girls

There's something about Lana Del Rey's voice that hypnotizes me. I'll be listening to Pandora and one of her songs will come on, and I'll be immediately drawn to it, whether I've heard it before or not. Idk but she has got an sultry sound and her music is pretty addictive to listen to. I couldn't decide which song to post, as there are 2 I'm currently listening to. So I chose "This is What Makes Us Girls" because it was the first one that caught me, and this song is simply amazing. The lyrics are haunting, realistic and she sings it so beautifully drawing you into the song. Fan or not you gotta admit she's a pretty great singer & lyricist. Her music is refreshing bringing something new (at least to me) to the table.

Photo Credit~ Music-Bazaar

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