2NE1 is the Best!

I've talked about boy groups but rarely if at all, was there a mention about the girl groups. Well guys your in for a treat because today's post is for the awesome group called 2NE1!! At first I wasn't a fan of any girl groups as that whole cute aegyo, smiling act is adorable, but not my style of music. I should have known that YG doesn't produce music like that but hey I was a newbie didn't know any better. These girls are FIERCE never striving away from trying different sounds and experimenting with new looks. And they still seem humble after all the success they've had over the years, that's something I will always like about these girls is their humility and individuality. CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy all make up this quartet that debuted in 2009 with the YG entertainment company. Their debut single "Fire" was a smash hit all around Korea inviting new fans alike.

This group are one of the select few that can make it globally, to include Big Bang. Their music possesses western influences that would appeal to people who might not know what K-Pop is and that can introduce them to the craze that is K-Pop. 2NE1's biggest hit song to date is "I Am The Best."
This song is what got 2NE1 international success as well as in their home country. Skyrocketed them to be one of the top K-Pop groups in Korea now. With their huge achievements conquered in only 4 years who knows what else this group will release.

I thought my favorites in the group were set in stone and then one member would do/say something and their goes my standings. But I love love love CL!! She exhibits a confident, charismatic quality that draws you to her and then displays offstage this quiet but extremely warm person that you wouldn't feel shy to say "Hi" to. CL is a wonderful leader for this group at first I thought that she was too young to lead and why couldn't Bom or Dara do it. It wasn't until I watched them preform together that I saw how the dynamics broke down and I can't see anyone else leading this group like CL does. Her style is wow I just about like everything she wears. Her voice is lovely especially with songs like "Lonely" and  "It Hurts,"they showcase that vulnerable emotion in her voice. Though CL  is mostly known for her rap skills, it's those moments in these songs that proves she's more than just a rapper. Not sure if she writes all her own raps or not but one that's pretty good is the rap intro for "I Love You."

                                                 "Tonight  I’ll drop it low
                                                     As low as this ba-bass
                                                  U know it’s bout to blow
                                                        All up in yo face
                                              You might have seen a couple
                                                     Bittys looking pretty
                                                            But none
                                                       Compared to me
                                                        As I proceed to
                                                       Run this city uh"


http://d1i45kki000yqu.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/11622-dq1mket3ti.jpgDara is the member that looks like she's the youngest. She's in her late 20s but looks 10 years younger! Which can be a gift & a curse at times, as I should know. Another thing Dara's known for is her quirky sense of fashion and hairstyles. Never one to play it safe nothing is off-limits for this woman. That's one aspect of her personality that you just can't take away. At first her fashion senses put me off but then grew on me eventually. I hate to compare but sometimes Dara's outlandish outfits remind me of a "Dara's" version of GD's own style. Idk just a thought. Not only is she adorable and funny, she also has an extremely close relationship with her brother. Family and her fans are important to Dara she always makes sure to give the fans something to look forward too. Some say she has the "weakest" voice in 2NE1 but I don't agree with that. I think that yes her voice is not as strong and more sweet sounding then the others, but it's a plus after having such powerful ones. Her song "Kiss' is a cute, fun song that was used in a CF with actor Lee Min Ho. At first when I watched the mv I thought it would be the typical girl-meets-boy concept but it was soo much more. This pairs chemistry really sold the video and though it was for a commercial, it felt like it was some drama that wasn't quite finished. Anyways props to Dara for her stellar performance.
Kiss (feat. CL)

Bom is the one member I never knew what to make of her, still don't to this day actually. They call her the 4-D personality. She's not only gorgeous but has one of the best soulful voices in the business. I wish YG would showcase that even more so, like say have her come out with another single like "You and I." Which is a beautiful song that had all the right elements to make her voice sound magical. Bom's the more quieter person of the group. To me she's the most mysterious, the one I want to know what makes her tick. For their next comeback I would love to see Bom go back to the red she had back in their earlier days, it was the coolest red hue ever! Bring it back Bom!!
   You and I

And then you have Minzy the cute member! This girl is talented! Her husky voice is beautiful to listen to especially on their song "Lonely." It wasn't until listening to their acapella version that her true talent was shown. Not only can she sing, but the girl's got some moves! She's my favorite dancer outside of CL, her smile and enthusiasm when she's performing are wonderful to see. It's like she's truly enjoying the performance. Also, I would LOVE to see a sub-unit consisting of CL & Minzy because we know CL can rap and Minzy's pretty good herself, so it would be an awesome duo. YG needs to get on that asap! Here's a live version of their song "Please Don't Go." Its the cutest and funnest performance of ever.

I'm gonna leave you guys with my 2NE1 song of the moment, this song never gets old so I hope you guys enjoy it too! As always, thanks for checking my blog out :)

Clap Your Hands

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